All About CNC Information and Its Tools

With scientific knowledge moving ahead at the speed of light and with opponent nipping at your toes, it will pay rich retribution if you stay ahead in your industry with the right CNC information at your finger-tips. If you are a module of the CNC community or a modestly collector that wants to extract the […]


Elevating the Status of Emotions and Communication

In addition to a clear strategy, good measures, and streamlined processes, reinventing enterprises requires a focus on personal relationships and human potential. As a result, it depends upon emotional connection and excellent communication to function well. The objective business world has often struggled with the sub­jects of emotions and communication. If they are considered at […]


Autism Education – New Information and Communication Technologies

While in traditional education a face to face learning environment is prevalent, a new dimension comes into play in the relationship between educator – autistic child – computer which is characterized by emotional neutrality as well as playful interactivity. The momentarily exclusion of the direct relationship with the educator, as the computer assumes this role, […]